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One Time Cleaning


Clean your Furnace or Air Conditioner according to industry standards.


Furnace Cleaning:

  • Blower Motor Inspection and test
  • Blower Wheel Inspection and test
  • Circuit board inspection and test
  • Inducer Motor inspection and test
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Burners Cleaned and Inspected
  • Flame Sensor Inspected and tested.
  • Carbon Monoxide leaks checked
  • Ignitor Inspection and test
  • Thermocouple Inspection and test
  • Capacitor tested
  • Low voltage wire inspected
  • Connections checked
  • Gas valve inspection and test
  • Plenum and Duct inspection
  • Flue pipe inspection
  • Shut offs tested and inspected
  • Humidifier turned on and off
  • Check filter
  • Check thermostat
  • Perform Temperature rise test
  • Check drain and trap
  • Check water sensor
  • Inspect flue termination

Cooling Equipment Check up

  • Condenser Fan blade inspection and test
  • Condenser motor inspection and test
  • Test Capacitor for fan mode
  • Test Capacitor for Compressor mode
  • Inspect contactor
  • Inspect Condenser coil
  • Inspect and test compressor
  • Test shredder valves
  • Test Disconnect switch
  • Test refrigerant level
  • Inspect refrigeration line insulation
  • Inspect coil drain
  • Inspect supply and return plenums
  • Check filter
  • Inspect low voltage wiring
  • Check all low voltage connections
  • Test low pressure switch
  • Test high pressure switch
  • Check AC level
  • Check for Air Flow around AC
  • Test thermostat
  • Check Low side temperature
  • Check High side temperature
  • Check subcooling
  • Check superheat


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