If you rely on forced air heating and/or air conditioning, leaks in the duct system could be wasting a great deal of energy.  According the the US Department of Energy, 25% of the average home’s heated and cooled air escapes through flaws in ductwork.  Pinpointing and sealing leaks not only saves money, but improves the health and comfort of the home. At Aeroseal Experts, we simplify the process through affordable, timely, and accurate Air Duct Testing in Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs.

Dependable Air Duct Testing Service

Our professionals measure air flow through the duct system, compare flow rates, determine the total amount of leakage, and locate any cracks, holes, or imperfections.  We cause no mess or damage, but supply detailed information and a cost-effective plan for improvement. A duct system operating at its best reduces the workload of heating/cooling equipment, minimizes malfunction, and extends service life.  Aeroseal Experts is your start-to-finish service provider, optimizing comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality across Arlington Heights, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Glenview, Lake Zurich, Deerfield, Wheeling & Chicago, IL. Call us for further information and expert Air Duct Testing at (847) 787-7325.

Some of the issues resulting from duct leakage include:

  • Overheated or chilly rooms despite thermostat settings
  • Humidity problems
  • Air quality threats
  • Longer HVAC run times
  • Higher energy costs
  • More frequent HVAC malfunction
  • Shortened HVAC service life
  • Depressurization and infiltration of combustion byproducts