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Cannabis is one of the most challenging horticultural crops to produce to its fullest quality potential. It poses horticultural challenges that require a very sophisticated facility as far as infrastructure is concerned to maintain precise climate control year-round for disease prevention. The handling of the cannabis after cultivation is critical to producing a premium flower product. Quality is often sacrificed by growers during post-processing due to inadequate product handling and drying solutions. You work hard during cultivation to maximize terpene, flavor and cannabinoid profiles, only to sacrifice that value created with poor post-processing solutions – that is a devastating outcome. Unfortunately, most growers don’t even realize that they are sacrificing quality, but the reality is that the final flower quality is as much influenced by the post-processing activities as it is by the cultivation component. It requires highly technical and very controlled climate and logistical solutions.

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Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. is your Indoor Agriculture Climate Control Experts serving clients across Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Palatine & Northbrook, IL. When it comes to precisely maintaining indoor climate to grow fast and healthy cannabis plants, we can assure you that the indoor climate will meet your specifications. Whether you require 72F temperature and 55% humidity, or something completely different, we can provide full sales, design, service and installation services. If you are a beginner or want to expand growing cannabis into a commercial facility, we have the proper system for the type of plants you want to grow. Here are some examples of systems you can utilize when it comes to indoor agriculture, such as cannabis.

Small Facilities on the Budget (Split Systems)

Split Systems A common question we get is can we install a Split system for climate control in a cannabis facility. The answer is yes, but there are some challenges, the system may not be able to keep up. Split systems are a low investment and easy to install but lack proper dehumidification control and are designed for residential cooling. If you plan to grow cannabis in a good humidity and temperature environment, this choice is not ideal. Cannabis in different growth stages releases heat and humidity at various levels which can cause the system designed for residential comfort cooling not to keep up. Additional dehumidification and humidification systems may need to be installed. Systems like these will not be interconnected with split cooling and at the end of the day, the systems will be fighting each other resulting in poor comfort for your plants.

Summary: Low cost to install and maintain but will not provide accurate control of indoor dehumidification resulting in plant growth performance.

Small to Medium Size Facilities (Roof Top Mounted Systems)

Facilities that have the option to put weight on the roof have a few more choices for the equipment. The roof mounted equipment will require ductwork to run within the space and provide heat and dehumidification. Each system could be equipped with re-heat coils and low ambient controls to allow units to operate even in the winter. The systems provide some efficiency but are mainly used for commercial comfort cooling and heating. Manufacturers are trying to provide more controls and ways to have great roof top mounted cannabis systems, but the more precise temperature and humidity requirement needed, the more the units will cost upfront.

Summary: If you are on a budget, this system may not provide accurate control of indoor temperature or humidification based on the demand. If your budget allows proper roof top units to be installed this could provide very good control of indoor agriculture air conditions.

Small to Medium Size Facilities (Roof Top Mounted Systems or Ground)

Roof Top Systems Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are just like Split systems but are much larger and can provide more heating and cooling at high efficiency. These systems could be ducted or wall mounted. They can provide up to 30 tons of cooling on one unit to provide comfort cooling. These systems do not offer on-demand dehumidification that is really needed in cannabis growth , but they could be a good starting point since they have variable control of cooling that helps regulate dehumidification better than traditional roof top units that blow air around in the duct. This system could have multiple indoor heads in different zones and provide heating or cooling at the same time. The outdoor equipment would be a condenser that is not much louder than a traditional residential unit.

Summary: These systems are a good solution to start a growing facility. An additional system will need to be installed to control dehumidification.

Medium to Large Size Facilities

Large Systems When you are in this 100% and want the best climate control for the best cannabis growth there is no better product on the market than the Indoor or Outdoor mounted self-contained system. They offer precise humidity, dehumidification and temperature with the software that allows constant monitoring and alerts. These systems require a larger investment upfront and maintenance is reasonable. The cannabis special designed units speed up in the blooming stage and ramp down in the other stages. With these systems, you will be able to control spray nozzles, lights and more all from your iPad.

Summary: These systems are the best when it comes to controlling the climate for the toughest to grow horticultural crops.

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