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The air you breathe, both inside your home and at work, impacts your comfort, health, and productivity.  It affects your sleep, skin, and hair, and can even cause damage to furnishings and electronics.  Unfortunately, indoor air is often ten times more polluted than outside air.  There are sources of contamination in every room in the house.  Even if you can’t see or smell a problem, there can still be significant danger.  Contact the specialists from Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. for a complete and accurate analysis of your indoor air quality.  Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, effective strategies, and proven products, we correctly identify problems and concerns.  With detailed recommendations and skilled service, we ensure sustainable improvement.  A clean, safe, and healthy indoor environment is only a phone call away.

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By achieving distinction as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. is qualified to match the requirements of your home or office to sophisticated air cleaners and air purifiers with a proven track record.  These units incorporate seamlessly into your current HVAC system, require very little maintenance, and work quietly to protect against unstable humidity, fumes, bacteria, airborne particulates, and more.  You’ll not only notice a difference in your living or work environment, but enjoy a reduction in service requirements and operational costs from heating and cooling equipment.  Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. provides same-day installation across Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs.  Our fully licensed, bonded, insured, and factory trained technicians work with you, target your specific issues, and achieve rewarding results.  We don’t sell you what you don’t need.  We protect you from hazardous conditions.  For 100% satisfaction, contact Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc..

Custom Indoor Air Quality Analysis. Get the Facts.

Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. uses the latest technology to ensure you receive the right solutions for your unique needs. With AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™, we’ll pinpoint key air quality problems in your home that can affect you and your family’s health, comfort and safety. To perform the analysis, we’ll place an AirAdvice IAQ monitor in your home for 3 days to continuously measure the air under real living conditions. The monitor is virtually silent. After the test, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that enables you to see your home’s daily air quality, trouble areas, and possible solutions. Contact Air Blue Heating and Cooling Inc. for more information on this service, and to arrange for your AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™.

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